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A bridal set is an engagement ring and matching wedding band, traditionally worn by the bride. The set features two rings that usually match in color and style. They’re designed to fit well together when worn side-by-side. This Bridal Sets Buying Guide will show you everything that you should know about bridal sets.

What Is a Bridal Set?

A Bridal Set is the combination of an engagement ring and a wedding ring band. Since many women choose to wear their engagement ring on top of their wedding ring band, bridal sets were created. They are designed specifically to look beautiful and feel comfortable when worn together. 

Why Buy a Bridal Set?

The most obvious reason to go with a bridal set is to make sure the rings fit together seamlessly. Since they are meant to be worn together, a set should reflect a cohesive style. Not choosing rings that align on style and fit can potentially be problematic. A wedding band that does not accommodate an engagement ring could damage it from the scraping and friction that occurs from the two rubbing against each other. Additionally, if the styles don't match, your bride could be very disappointed. You don't want a wedding band to detract from the engagement ring, it should only enhance the beauty. Whether you're going with a custom design or a pre-existing style, buying a set means you can be sure the rings don't end up clashing with each other. Here are a few aspects to keep in mind when browsing bridal sets:

Is It Worth It Buying a Bridal Set?

Should you purchase a bridal set or perhaps just an engagement ring and worry about the band later? This is a common question for many first-time engagement ring buyers. You'll often come across bridal sets when browsing through diamond rings. This is because it is a popular choice for anyone who is planning to pop the big question. Here are all the reasons why it is worth buying a set, rather than buying a wedding band later. 

  • Save Money: You save more money as bridal sets are often cheaper than when you buy an engagement ring and matching band separately.
  • The Fit Will Be Perfect: A common problem people have when buying their rings separately is that they do not fit comfortably together. A bridal set has two rings that are designed to fit perfectly when worn together.
  • Save Time: Save yourself the time of shopping for two separate rings if you buy a bridal set. 
  • No Need to Worry About Measurements: Skip the tedious work of measuring your engagement ring to help you find the perfect matching wedding ring.
  • No Need to Worry About Conflicting Metals: A platinum ring can easily damage and scratch a softer metal such as yellow gold when worn together. It is something you don’t have to worry about when shopping for bridal sets.

    How to choose the right Matching Band?

    If you already have your dream-come-true engagement ring but are looking for that equally stunning diamond matching wedding band, here are the most important tips to guide you on choosing the right ring. 

  • Consider The Shape of Your Engagement Ring: The most important factor to consider when shopping for a matching band is how this feels and looks when you wear it with your current engagement ring. 
  • The Color Grade of Your Diamonds Should Match: Another really important feature to consider is the color grade of your diamonds. These should match one another to avoid one diamond looking more yellow or colored than the others.
  • The Color Grade of Your Diamonds Should Match: The characteristics of metals also differ from one another, and when two different metals are worn together, they could have a negative effect on each other. As with any engagement ring set, you must guarantee that the metal on your matching band is the same as the one on your engagement ring. 
  • Choose V-shaped Matching Bands for a Big Center Diamond: If your engagement ring features a diamond that’s 2, 3, or 4 Carats in weight, it will most likely require a V-shaped matching band, rather than your standard straight ring band. This will allow your matching band to sit comfortably above your engagement ring. 
  • Shop From a Reputable Jewelry Designer: For your matching band to fit perfectly when worn beside your engagement ring, proper craftsmanship and skills are required when it is made. This is why it is very important that you shop for a matching band from a capable jeweler. HX Jewelry is an expert at designing bridal sets and matching bands. This does not only apply to bridal sets or matching wedding bands. It’s important to go to a trustworthy jeweler if you are shopping for any jewelry sets or engagement ring sets. The way these delicate pieces are made, significantly affects how they feel when they are worn, and how long they can stay looking beautiful. 
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